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Enjoy and share some of the many hand-lettered alphabets that we have available.

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There has never been a better time to be an art lover. Nearly all of the best art that has ever been produced and is still extant is available on the nearest computer or device screen for anyone to see. Our Remind Collection gathers some of our favorite masterpieces to make it easier for you to translate the classic beauty of those works from the small screen to your walls where it can nurture your soul for years to come!

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8th & F got its start when one of us decided to search for a patent that a grandparent had issued decades ago. That quest revealed to us the simple beauty of patent art - the technical and mechanical drawings that inventors over the past two hundred plus years have used to show the world the results of their creative endeavors. Take a look through our Reinvent Collection and let the art of invention inspire you!

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We like to play with images - photographs, drawings, textiles, and patterns, both old and new - with a view to making them into something differently beautiful. By adding, subtracting, remixing, or just shaking up the color, texture, shapes, and perspective of those images, we aim to make new images that are attractive, interesting, and (hopefully!) worthy of a place in your home or on a postcard to a loved one or a friend. Our Rework Collection shows off the results of some of our efforts.

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The art of the handwritten letter and card need not be lost in this age of 24/7 instant communication. Give texting a brief respite and wow your family and friends with the beauty of a Moo Luxe card. They will love the cards, and cherish the thoughtfulness of the sender!

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