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Hamonshū No. 21, Series 2


Hamonshū No. 21, Series 2

Japanese artist Yūzan Mori’s 1903 compilation of wave and ripple designs, titled Hamonshū, provides a wealth of beautiful material with which to work. This image reworks an illustration from that set of books published in Japan’s Meiji Period.


Smithsonian Libraries

The Smithsonian Libraries is a system of twenty branch libraries located in various Smithsonian museums, research institutes, and offices, maintained in furtherance of original institution benefactor James Smithson’s wish “for the increase and diffusion of knowledge”. The libraries hold collections that are particularly strong in, among other areas of study, Decorative Arts and Design. Please consider making a donation to help the Smithsonian continue to fulfill that mission. One particularly fun way to do so in the case of the Smithsonian Libraries is by “adopting” one of the books in its collection through its Adopt-a-Book Program.

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