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Signal B, Reworked, Series 1


Signal B, Reworked, Series 1
Signal B, Reworked, Series 1 Signal B, Reworked, Series 1

Gene Davis, Color Fields, Reworked

Gene Davis, a Washington, D.C., native, and journalist-turned-artist, was a major figure in the color abstraction movement of the mid twentieth century and member of the Washington Color School. His work with color fields in the form of stripes and geometric shapes spanned nearly three decades. He compared his paintings to the improvisational playing of a jazz musician, and hoped that those viewing his works would, instead of simply glancing at them, select a specific color through which to “enter the painting”, and then take the time to see how it operates across the whole work.

Whether you are attracted to the boldness of Mr. Davis’ color choices or the rhythmic patterns he made with them, we hope you enjoy our take on his 1973 work Signal as much as we do the original.

Our Series 1 reworks Mr. Davis’ originals by roughing up the straight lines a bit, and then smoothing those rough edges with a soft watercolor finish.

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