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Please pardon us, as this same message appears on our About Us page. In any event, welcome! We at 8th & F love art and hope you do, too.

Our name, 8th & F, refers to the intersection in Washington, D.C. where lies our inspiration for this adventure. At that junction sits the Old Patent Office Building (pictured below), which currently houses both the Smithsonian American Art Museum and the National Portrait Gallery, and which previously housed the United States Patent Office. The current occupants, obviously, hold appeal to those interested in the visual arts. Their predecessor, though, through its legacy of millions of patent applications with accompanying, often fascinating, illustrations, has something to offer, as well.

Old Patent Office Building

We have been fortunate, through the awesome power of the internet - and the willingness of museums like the SAAM and dozens like it, and countless galleries and individuals, to make their collections available online - to have the opportunity to view and enjoy vast treasure troves of wonderfully beautiful paintings, drawings, illustrations, sculptures, and photographs from around the globe; art that not long ago was accessible only to a lucky few. Sifting through it all, though, can sometimes be a chore when you wish simply to find something to fit your particular modern sensibilities and mood of the moment. So, our labor of love, which we share with you here, is to create a curated collection of reminders and reimaginings of our favorite art and artists. A collection that we hope will appeal to some of our fellow art lovers.

We plan to use this Notes & Musings page to provide a bit more context for the works available on our site - both the old masters and our own creations. While the intrinsic beauty in art rewards our attention, stories about the artists who created it, the movements of which they were a part, and the milieu within which they lived and worked enliven the experience, providing rich, fascinating rewards of their own. So please check this space often for our short, but hopefully worthwhile, takes on our featured art and artists.


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